Your Collection

January 4, 2009 12:04pm
Matt here from Throttle Jockey. We thought we would start off the New Year with a free giveaway! Everyone that submits a piece from their collection from now until January 31st will be entered to win a free Throttle Jockey t-shirt. You will be notified via e-mail if you are the winner! Please include your shirt size.

This week's collection comes from Throttle Jockey's own Matt Davis:

"For this first week of the New Year, Robert and I thought we would include a few pieces from our collections. The MX Man t-shirt I wore when I was a kid and have no idea where it came from, have never seen one before or since or how it’s still around. Hope you can read what it says. Funny stuff. The toy Suzuki RM125 is the one Robert and I played with between motos at the local tracks. It still has the graphics! The Rough Rider lunch box Robert just picked up last year at Mid-Ohio. Notice the “Log Caven In” sticker, not “Lob Cabin.”

Can’t wait to see what you guys submit for 2009. This will be our fifth year doing Your Collection and it’s a blast, so keep the submissions coming!

Do you have a collection you'd like to see here? Just visit, click "Contacts," and use the provided email address.