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January 2, 2009 9:59am | by:
Normally this page would consist of three questions and three answers. Some of them would be ridiculous and pointless and so would the rest of them. But I thought it would be prudent to take a moment and tip my cap to 2008 before we get all sucked up into 2009. Although, for me, there will be more flipping the bird to last year than tipping my cap. Last year sucked pretty hard. Gas was expensive, riding areas continued to close, David Archuleta lost on American Idol, and according to Al Gore the global warming crisis is reaching a boiling point… so to speak. And yet when I get done typing this I am going outside to throw burlap blankets over all my yard plants because it is going to be below freezing here in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Al Gore is an idiot.

  • How will 2009 be for David Pingree?
Last year the economy went in the toilet, the jobless rate crept near record lows and Americans became more and more disenchanted with their own country. There’s really not much else to say. I think we can all agree that last year was a bust and we should just flush it down the crapper. Adios, 2008. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

So, what about about 2009? I think it has some potential. The important question, the only one that really matters, is how are things going to be for David Pingree? And I can honestly say that I am excited for this year. My new position at Troy Lee Designs is turning out to be challenging and fun. My family is healthy and I don’t have any broken bones at the moment. David Pingree thinks things are going pretty well for David Pingree. But now David Pingree is absolutely disgusted with David Pingree because he is referring to himself in the third person.

Before I end this idiotic rant I just want to say thanks to all the folks that tune in every Friday afternoon to read this column. I really enjoy answering your questions and I’m looking forward to 52 good weeks in 2009. Bring on the stupid questions, people.

Sincerely (kind of),


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