Jiri Dostal Update

An update on Jiri's condition:

Jiri Dostal crashed last Friday and suffered some serious injuries. He is at RCRMC in Moreno Valley and being tended to by the same doctor that treated Ernesto Fonseca when he was injured. The prognosis is that Jiri broke and displaced the C6 vertebra in his neck. He also broke both of his hands in the crash. Fortunately, his spinal cord was not damaged and it looks like he will make a full recovery eventually. That is very rare considering the displacement that he has. He has a surgery scheduled for this Tuesday to cage the broken vertebra and then fuse three of them together. He is currently in a halo with traction being pulled to protect his neck. Once his cervical issue is addressed he will need another surgery on his left hand. Jiri does not have insurance and this is obviously going to be an expensive process. Road to Recovery has been contacted and we will have more information about where to send funds if you are able and willing to help. Until then, please keep him in your prayers.

Note: Jiri was NOT wearing any type of neck protection when he crashed.