Jiri Dostal Injured

From Michael Sleeter:

Hey everyone,

Today was one of the craziest days I have ever had when Jiri Dostal, David "Ping" Pingree, "Factory" Phil Lawrence, Sean Borkenhagen and I headed out to a favorite riding spot of Ping's. The day started fun as usual but turned bad really fast when Jiri hit a root that was on the edge of the fresh soil. This root high sided Jiri to the ground in violent crash.  When we got to Jiri he was concious but was in a lot of pain. He immediately complained of neck pain and we made a quick decision to keep him stable and not moving.

This arrives the problem! We were about two miles from our truck and there was no way to get a truck there with the terrain.  With Jiri and Ping both certified EMTs, I got on my bike and pinned to the truck to call for help! Over an hour and a half later Jiri was lifted from the hills and taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center in Moreno Valley. Arriving home  Jiri's girlfriend called and let me know Jiri sustained a broken neck and hand and will most likely be in a halo. Thanks to smart decision making by all the guys today Jiri will most likely not have any long term affects, but please say a prayer for Jiri.