5 Minutes with... Brock Sellards

Many Arenacross regulars were shocked when they didn’t see Brock Sellards’ name in the initial team slots for the 2009 season. After all, the friendly Ohioan had finished third in points this past season. Just one of many casualties of the current economic environment, Brock, however, did have lots happening. Still, the 30-year-old had his mind set on racing and eventually found a spot with Team Triple Effect. 

Racer X: Brock, where are you right now?
Brock Sellards: Right now, I’m at home in Ohio, where I’ll be until just after Christmas. Then I’ll head down to Georgia to ride at the Millsaps Training Facility.

  • Brock has been racing Arenacross the last few years
  • Sellards and RC side-by-side almost a decade ago years ago
Let’s hear about your summer. What did you do after Arenacross?
Well, I started an airplane-engine company called Plane Engine Performance. With the neverending help and support of Steve Johnson [formerly with Wiseco, and now at CV4], we have designed high-performance parts for the two-stroke Rotax engines. I did a lot of other things, such as installing some metal roofs on my buildings, building a massive cement wall around my neighbor’s pond, building a dune buggy, did some hunting and flying, and also ended up hanging out at the Cleveland Clinic while my wife Tricia had some major surgeries. Also, Ezra Lusk and I put together a riding school here in Ohio.

I was surprised not to see your name initially associated with any race teams for 2009.
Well, I really only had an interest in racing Arenacross, and now there are just not that many teams, or available spots.

Related to the current economy?
Yeah, for sure. I had planned on riding for the Tuf Honda Arenacross Team with Dave Antolak, but he has had problems getting help from the sponsors that he’s had the last 12 years. With the way things are, he’s just trying to get by until the following year, so I had to pass. I was then going to race some selected Arenacross events on the Babbitt’s-supported team that Ray Woods at GPF [Georgia Practice facility] has, but finally, at the last minute, I put together a deal with Team Triple Effect Kawasaki to race all the Arenacross rounds except for the one round where I’ll be racing in Germany [Dortmund SX].

  • Brock Sellards
You weren’t really ready to retire, were you?
No, I’m more into the line of racing to make a living, and trying to help grow this team. It’s amazing how many teams have to pay for 90 percent of their products – professional athletes spending their own money to race! With the way that Arenacross is struggling, something needs to change or we are going to lose it.

Did I hear that you now also have another industry-related job?
Yes, I am working for WPS [Western Power Sports] as a dealer rep in Ohio. Craig, Terry, Doug, and Jack at WPS are four of the coolest guys to work for in our sport and, other than the driving, I cannot think of a better job. I hope that my name helps to build a relationship with the dealers, and that my determination will drive me to succeed.

What else do you see in your future?
Well, I’ll be racing, working, and then building an engine here and there to keep me busy. Then I’ll probably even do a few motocross schools later next summer to help the up-and-comers!