Five8 MX Live Texas Moto Show

Dallas, TX -  Jeff Alessi discusses his ride with the Moto Concepts Honda Team , Michael Holigan with Merge Racing discusses Merge Products and his former Supercross teams. Holeshot Magazine's John Willis chimes in regarding the Texas based motocross magazine, and the legend StupidGary makes a studio appearance at the Five8 world headquarters to discuss his fallen motocross career and the Dallas Cowboys.

About the show: 
Five8 MX Live - Texas Moto Show, is a Texas based weekly online moto show brought to you by FIVE8 MOTOCROSS, with hosts Shand Garcia, author of "Berm The Texas Motocross Chronicles" and Holeshot Magazine fame, as well as FIVE8 MX's  "W" twins, Aaron Woodfield and Kevin Weable.  Five8 MX Live will be bringing you weekly shows that cover the Texas moto scene, faith in the MX community, national bench racing, as well as have special guests calling in during the shows to discuss moto.  Everyone from track owners, dealership owners, racing legends, upcoming amateur prospects, and moto industry heads will be joining us on the show.  We hope you will enjoy the shows, as they are almost guaranteed to help rid the headaches of office cubicles, and irate bosses!