Coming Soon:

The new online source for Canadian MX news—

Hello, everyone. Shortly, (well, in two weeks), a new website will be launched called Everyday it will feature fresh news from the Canadian motocross scene. On January 1, celebrate a New Year of racing by tuning into our fine little program. There will be interviews, columns, videos, photos, and all sorts of goodies pertaining the world of Canadian moto.

Danny Brault, a former editor at Racer X Canada, is leading this new multimedia project along with Martin Anderson-Clutz, who is the real “brains” behind building the site. “We’re simply looking to give fans a place to find news, gossip, and info on Canadian motocross everyday,” says Brault. “We have a great team of contributors and photographers providing content, and Martin is a wizard behind the nuts and bolts of the site. We look forward to releasing on January 1. I think people will really like it.”

Wow, some really profound words there, Danny. Bookmark “” today and check us out on January 1, 2009. We’re your first source for Canadian MX news.