New Shop Opening in Indianapolis

Wicked Motorsports has opened in Indianapolis Indiana.  Owner Wilma Stoughton Williams has hung her sign out again.  After years of successfully running Stoughtons Cycle Ranch in Indy, Wilma took some time off, but now she is back and doing business.

Why Wicked?  Well if you have to ask, you don't know Wilma!  Actually Chuck Sun gets credit for the name.  He had known Wilma for about 30 minutes when he quipped the name, Wicked Wilma.  So she wrote it on a board and hung it over the door.

Wicked carries all major brands plus some minor brands, like where are you going to buy Ossa coffee cups?  Wicked, that's where!   Sure, she carries Fox, Alpine Star, MSR, Arai, Scorpion, River Road but who else carries Penton blankets?  Well Wicked of course!

Located on Indy's west side near the entrance to O'Riley Raceway Park.  Stop in and get registered for an invatation to the upcoming Penton Motorcycle tribute party in Feb.  John and Jack Penton will be on hand signing autographs and telling tall tales, but space is limited, so you must register in advance. 
For more information call 317-290-0071 or write