New Look for Kal Gard

Kal Gard lubricants is pleased to announce a complete new look for 2009. In order to improve the appeal of Kal Gard products to consumers and dealers we have a bold new look with contemporary graphics and state of the art cans and bottles.  The products are not just a new look but have been re-formulated as well.  All Kal Gard aerosol products are scented to make them more user friendly. The new line of Pro Comp 4 oils has been in development and testing for two years and are a state of the art product formulated for the demands of today’s motorcycles. Kal Grad’s parent company is Incotec, the aerospace industry leader in coating technology.  Kal Gard motorcycle lubricants must meet the same standards as our aerospace products.  That assures the end user of all Kal Gard products that they are using the best products available, period! For sales information please contact us.

Chain Kote-Original * Chain Kote-Clear * Filter Oil * Filter Cleaner * Degreaser
30-30 * Prep & Shine * Contact Cleaner * Pro Comp 2 *  Pro Comp 4 Oils * Engine Gard