Leslie Porterfield on Discovery Channel Tonight

Dallas, Texas - Leslie Porterfield, the fastest woman on a motorcycle, holder of three land-speed records and 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year will be featured in a Discovery Channel special tonight called Speed Capital of the World: Bonneville.
"Each summer during Bonneville Speed Week the Utah salt desert transforms into the greatest racetrack on the planet. Scorching heat and slippery salt brings racers to their knees as they attempt to achieve speed immortality." Discovery Channel
The program was produced by Big Fish entertainment, executive producers were Doug Priest and Dan Cesaro, and it was directed and written by Dan Cesaro.
"I enjoyed being a part of this production and feel fortunate to have been selected. The people at Big Fish entertainment were a pleasure to work with. It is great to see Discovery Channel taking an interest in Bonneville and land-speed racing. Bonneville is such an amazing event," commented Porterfield.
The program will air on the following dates:
December 16 - 10 PM EST
December 17 - 2 AM EST
January 5 - 10 PM EST
About Leslie Porterfield
Leslie Porterfield is the 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year, holds three land-speed records and is a member of the Bonneville 200 mph club. She is also the owner of High Five Cycles, a successful, used motorcycle dealership in downtown Dallas.  She has been riding and racing motorcycles for sixteen of her 32 years. The trials and tribulations of obtaining her record at Speedweek were documented for a Discovery Channel show called Speed Capital of the World: Bonneville filmed in HD. Leslie is also going to be featured in an upcoming article in GQ Magazine. Team sponsors include: WPS, Fieldsheer, Heads Up Performance, Apex Speed Technology, Arai, Airtech, Falicon, Worldwide Bearings, PMR Components, PMP Sprockets, Spider Grips