New Product: Bar Buzz Kill

Bar Buzz Kill is a new product that will be out this spring!   Bar Buzz can be installed in any hollow bar, from your mx bike, quad, road bike and snowmobile! The nice thing about Barr Buzz Kill is  you don't have to buy  pricey bars, that have the gel in them.   Bar Buzz Kill was tested for over a year  with differant amounts in the in the bar, 98% of the riders did not feel the differance between  60ml. or the bars full!  Installing three full pumps of gel is all it took!  The one tube can fill 3 to 5 bars, depending on what the rider wants.  List price is not set, its looking  be around 30.00 dollars. So for $10.00 per bar its a great product and price.   Frank Industries is excited about "Bar Buzz Kill" just as it was about its C.A.V. visor, that is used by the fastest riders in the world!