Xmas Countdown: Day 11+2

December 13, 2008 1:30am

11+2 Days till Christmas. The clock is ticking, but don't worry: today's gift is a can't-miss idea. Does the dirt bike rider in your household have a favorite number? Of course! Not sure what it is? Well, take a quick peek at his or her bike and presto, lucky number revealed. Now, call Skorbordz and order up a set of their pre-printed number plate backgrounds. Not only can these little babies be custom-ordered with six different design options and your number of choice, but you can even have a name printed on the top of the front number plate for free. Pricing starting at $49.99.

Or, how about a Custom ID Plate and Graphics? Skorbordz Custom ID Plates are a molded plate that fit onto the back of a chest protector, which provides a surface for you to lay down your name and number stickers. Each plate is custom molded to fit a particular make model and size chest protector. We have them available for almost every chest protector on the market today. For your custom name and number graphics, we have seven different designs for you to choose from: (Bold, Sting Ray, Daytona, Blade, Machine, Commando, Loud).

Your name, number, and custom-mold plate:
-Choose a 2 colors or 3-color kit for $39.99
-Chrome Kit $45.99
-Skorbordz molded plate only: $12.95
-Custom graphic applied $10.00

So what are you waiting for. Get their lucky number and order them a Christmas gift that'll keep on giving year round! 

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