Xmas Countdown: Day 12+2

December 12, 2008 5:00am

Welcome to Day 12+2 of our Racer X Christmas Countdown. Are you still looking for a stocking stuffer for that off-road fan in your family but are coming up empty? Look no further. Like we said before, you can't go wrong with a DVD, and the Well Wasted Time DVD is top notch. More dynamic shots, more footage, and the best of the best riders has made this video stand out above the others in the off-road world. You can check out the teaser on www.wastingtimefilms.com. Well Wasted Time is now available in stores and online at www.wastingtimefilms.com. The clock is ticking, so order your copy today!
$15.00 for Wasting Time
$20.00 for Well Wasted Time or $30 for both!