FMF Supercross Press Release

FMF will be on hand at every 2009 Supercross event to provide outstanding support for all riders.

It’s that time again. With the Supercross series in full swing, along with its’ much needed 94db sound limit, FMF is ecstatic to carry on its tradition of showing ample event support for all athletes.  Along with the distinguished service we have provided over the years, each and every FMF exhaust has been carefully developed to meet the new 94db sound requirement.  Amidst our participation in FIM GP’s, FMF has proven that we can supply the necessary technology to provide a 94db world-class race system.  Look out for FMF personnel at every round, who will be there to support our riders and the new sound level.  To find out how you can better prepare for the 2009 Supercross and Motocross season, please contact Jeff Kazarian at

FMF would like to wish all of our athletes and their family’s happy holidays and best of luck in the upcoming season.