Xmas Countdown: Day 16+2

December 8, 2008 9:53am

Welcome to Day 16+2 of our Xmas Countdown, presented by Suzuki. Today we're going to start out with a little math equation courtesy of Maxima. It states: Clean-Up + SC1 = New Bike in a Can. You got that? You can make your old bike look and feel brand new again!

Maxima Clean-Up is an emulsion-type degreaser created for use on motorcycles,ATV’s and personal watercraft.An excellent degreaser for chains, sprockets and foam filters that easily washes out with water. Highly effective emulsion formula contains no caustic chemicals. Removes heavy oil, grease, road tar and other contaminants. Safe for plastic fenders, rubber, alloy and chrome. Do not use on Lexan® windshields. Will also strip wax from painted surfaces. $8.90 each Aerosol

Restore that factory shine! SC1 Clear Coat is formulated for the Powersports Industry. SC1 conditions and polishes plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces. Makes the clean up process easier. Excellent for use as a clear coat under motorcycle fenders to prevent mud and dirt from adhering to the plastic. SC1 repels water and dries completely,
leaving a long lasting luster without attracting dirt and dust. 
$8.88 each Aerosol