Xmas Countdown: Day 18+2

Welcome to Day 18+2 of our Christmas Countdown. Today's featured product won't fit in a stocking, but it's a top shelf gift nonetheless.

M2R Rev X3 Prodigy
The Rev X3 is the top of the line MX helmet that has protected world class riders like Grant Langston, Cody Cooper and many more. The Rev X3 features the latest technology in off-road helmet protection. The Tri-Composite shell is one of the lightest in its class and uses the latest in impact dispersing fiber functionality: Multiple Inclusion Technology. What's Multiple Inclusion Technology? It's funny you should ask. 

MIT (Multiple Inclusion Technology)
The MIT shell is Kevlar, Carbon fibre and Fibreglass in which the excess resin is extruded from the shell fibres. M2Rs exclusive technology leaves only the resin needed for shell integrity. The layering technology is also unique due to the pattern in which the fibres are laid to absorb impacts and resist penetration. The MIT process along with the fibre pattern allows M2R to make one of the lightest and most technology advanced helmets in the world. During an accident the MIT shell absorbs and disperses the energy of the impact over a greater surface area.

Available in a host of graphics in sizes XS to 2XL from only $249.00!

M2R Genesis CYBORG Chrome Helmet
The Genesis 'FicoreTM' Shell is a breakthrough in Injection Moulding (IM) technology. By adding fiberglass strands to the raw material during the production process, M2R has constructed a shell to outperform; PC, Thermo-Alloy & ABS materials! Ficore provides a significantly higher level of structural safety, while retaining the key benefits of traditional Injection-Moulded shell technology - production consistency, tight clearances & high tolerance throughout the process. This totally new shell design increases stability, safety, comfort and ventilation performance.. ensuring the Velocity is in a class of its own.

Available in two chrome colours: Green/Yellow and Red/Orange, in sizes XS to XXL for only $149.00