Bench Racing Ammo: Suzuki Standouts

December 5, 2008 12:10pm
  • Travis Pastrana is a lifelong Suzuki rider
  • Remember Ben Riddle?
  • Josh Lichtle (4) and Davi Millsaps were both Suzuki standouts
  • Broc Hepler currently races for Team Yamaha
  • Brian Gray
  • Branden Jesseman
  • Nico Izzi has stayed loyal to Suzuki
It was inevitable, and the downward spiral of our economy is finally making some big waves in our industry as it was announced this week that American Suzuki will no longer be supporting amateur motocross. That’s like Chevrolet pulling out of NASCAR, or Adidas not supporting football. But I digress….

From their decade-long run of hosting the annual Suzuki RM Cup Challenge contingency race to their unmatched amateur contingency program and rider support, Suzuki set the standard for amateur motocross support in America, and this is a sad day for American motocross.

So for today’s installment of Motosport Outlet Bench Racing Ammo, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the top amateur motocross racers of all time to have come through the Suzuki support program throughout the last decade and beyond. If you have any to add to the list, feel free to comment below. Please note, these are not in any specific order. Make sure to check out the photos in the gallery to the right.

Travis Pastrana
Broc Hepler
Davi Millsaps
Branden Jesseman
Buddy Antunez
George Holland
Larry Brooks
Mike Metzger
Charley Bogard
Jake Weimer
Nico Izzi
Martin Davalos
Jason Lawrence
Blake Wharton
Tyler Wharton
Shaun Skinner
Cole Siebler
Ben Riddle
Evan Laughridge
Gene Stull
Jason Partridge
Jimmy Gaddis
Brian Gray
Derek Costella
Paul Currie
Shane Bess
Matt Goerke
Eli Tomac
Jiri Dostal
Drew Gosselaar
Mike LaPaglia
Bobby Kiniry