Shock Sox MX Congratulates Mini O's Sponsored Racers

Dallas, TX - Shock Sox MX congratulates it's sponsored racers for their finishes at the 2008 Florida Winter Olympics.  "We are very proud to have such notable top-flight racers relying on Shock Sox to help protect their fork seals, and keep their forks/bikes at optimum performance.  I know that they have all trained hard for the Mini O's, and it's really good to see their training pay off, with their outstanding results"...... stated Shand Garcia of Shock Sox:  the Ten Second Removable Fork Seal Protector     

McCoy Oldenburg  
2nd - 250 C stock - Supercross   
7th  - 250 C stock - Motocross   
12th - 250 C mod  - Motocross

Mitchell Oldenburg
2nd - 85 12-13 stock  - Supercross
2nd - 85 12-13 stock  -  Motocross 
7th - Supermini 12-16 - Supercross 
10th - 85 12-13 mod   - Motocross

Jason Langford
8th   - Youth 12-16 mod   - Supercross
12th - Youth 12-16 stock  - Motocross