Dragon Fuels Leaves Mini O's on Top

Dragon Racing Fuels walk away from the Mini O's with strong momentum going into Lake Whitney National. Mark Ticen from Dragon Fuels reported " Dragon Fuels and several of our riders performed flawless the week of the Mini O's. We have been working with Gannon Audette, Brandon Mays, and Alexander Frye coming into the 2008 Winter Olympics. Fuel testing with these riders had gone very well and we were looking to see some good results at the Mini O's. We were able to leave with Brandon Mays winning 4 titles and sweeping the youth 12-16 Stock and Mod classes in both Supercross and Motocross not to mention that he was given the Thor Outstanding Male Performance Award. Mays showed that his speed was strong enough to run up front in the 250B stock and Mod class. He wad some strong motos but struggled in a couple that kept him from a title in the 250B classes. Gannon Audette was not able to pull off the starts that he wanted last week. Gannon would have a good jump and pull down the start straight only to have someone go down beside him and he would get caught up in a first turn crash. Gannon would however grab a good start in one of his 250B motos and finish a very close second to Mays. We watched Gannon have some bad luck and keep focused on his next moto. Watch for this kid to show up at Lake Whitney ready to run up front. Our 65 stock and mod and 85 stock and mod rider Alexander Frye showed he has the speed to run with the best in his class as well. Alexander or "BIG DOG" as I call him, was able to pull off 5 top 5 finishes for the week. I have another rider that was very impressive this week. Dakota Alix opened some eyes this week as he pulled off at least 6 holeshot, 2 top 10 finishes and 1 top 5 finish. This is the same kid that was working his tail off to make the mains at this event last year. Dakota has been spending some time training at MTF and it is starting to show. Overall we were able to pull off 4 titles, Outstanding Male Rider Award, 14 top 5 finishes, and 14 holeshots. We look to improve on our results for Lake Whitney and our 2009 Contingency Program is growing rapidly." More information on Dragon fuels can be found at www.dragonracingfuels.com or 1-800-286-2500.