Join Tortelli's Champ Factory

ChampFactory 2009 Year-round School with World Champ Sebastien Tortelli
2009 is almost here. What are you doing to prepare yourself for the competition?

Only 2 Slots Left!
That’s right. There are only 2 open spots for this training experience. You could be one of only 6 riders who are accepted into this ChampFactory year-round MX School taught by World Champion Sebastien Tortelli.

From B to A to Pro
This is a 6 person team of experienced B riders getting ready to transition to the A class then Pro.

This team is for serious and dedicated riders only. If don’t want to go Pro, this team is not for you. If you can’t do a 4 to 6 hour road bike ride, this isn’t for you. If you aren’t willing to train 6 days a week from dawn to dusk, this isn’t for you. Most importantly, if you aren’t coachable, disciplined and committed, this team is definitely not for you.

Students Get Results
Sebastien’s current students include 3-time Lorrettas Champion and Factory Amateur KTM rider Jason Anderson and Pro Factory KTM rider Justin Brayton.

One of 2 spots could be yours. If your goal is to turn Pro, there is no better training program than this. The school year begins Jan. 10th and ends after Mini Os in November. This training is what you need to race competitively at next level.

What You Get
• At least 3 days a week of personal riding training with Sebastien Tortelli.
• Sebastien’s personal and complete weekly training.
• Attendance with Sebastien to one race per month with the team and four weeks of Nationals. (Lorretta’s, Dodge, World Minis and Mammoth)
• A personal introduction by Sebastien to sponsors who fit your rider profile.
• Instant sponsorship from general team sponsors that don’t conflict with any existing sponsors.
• Referrals to the best mechanics in the industry.
• Access to Factory test tracks.
• Personal introductions to industry VIPs and future sponsors.

Apply Today
To apply today, contact Sebastien at and send him your resume and contact information. Team members must live in Temecula/Murrieta area. Serious riders only. Approximate cost for the full year is $60,000.