Monday Conversation: Dusty Klatt

December 1, 2008 12:19pm
Dusty Klatt is back home. And I think he’s perfectly happy with that. After two difficult years chasing success in AMA Supercross and Motocross, the three-time Canadian Champion is ready to reclaim his territory in his homeland. While it’s been two years since Klatt has called Canada “home,” things aren’t going to be much different. In fact, this week, the official PR for the 2009 Toyota Yamaha/Red Bull/Blackfoot/Fox Racing Team was released (try saying that three times over!), and Klatt’s name was on there – along with Colton Facciotti, Kyle Beaton and Aron Harvey.

After winning three titles with Blackfoot (when they were Honda-backed), Klatt is definitely happy to rekindle their affair. As a bonus, Klatt is back under the Red Bull logo, too. (He was a Red Bull-sponsored athlete before signing with Monster Energy/Cernic’s Kawasaki last year.) We caught up with the mellow Canadian to see what’s up.

  • Dusty Klatt, Red Bull and Blackfoot are all back together again.
Racer X: Dusty, congrats on teaming back up with the old Blackfoot gang! The PR was released this week, but how long have you been talking with the team?
Dusty Klatt: When the season was closing in or pretty much over with. Kawasaki never mentioned what was going on for next year, and I had a pretty up-and-down season as it was. I don’t think I was what Cernic’s was looking for; not a Canadian rider, but someone who is better in supercross and can be more consistent. I didn’t think I was going to have that much trouble in supercross. I got hurt twice this season, broke two bones, so that didn’t help. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on where I want to take my career. We talked for a while and kept in touch. In Canada, everything is done so much later than the U.S. I signed my contract a week ago. I went out to Calgary and we met up with the whole team. I’m looking forward to being back with them and I’ve had such a strong relationship with Jason [Mitchell], Joe [Skidd], Dean [Thompson], Andrew [McLean], and everyone. I know their equipment is second to none and I’m looking forward to racing for them.

I bet you are. I’m sure the whole Blackfoot Yamaha team is raring to go. Between Colton [Facciotti], you, Aron Harvey, and Kyle Beaton, it’s set to be a good year for the blue team in both classes. What’s your take on the lineup?
We’ve all showed the results we can get and what we’re capable of. As long as we’re healthy and ready, we’re going to be tough. Anyone can step up, though, so it will be an interesting year. I get along with all of the guys so there shouldn’t be any conflicts. I know Colton and I are racing for the same title, similar to JSR and I in 2006.

What’s it like for a rider to be fighting for a title against their teammate, who also happens to hold the #1 plate?
You’re out there to win, but I think you can to do it professionally. You’re there for your team and to put them 1-2 every weekend. If we do that, I think everyone will go home happy. You have that extra drive to win and I want to win, but you don’t want to be stupid about it. It would be a real bummer if we ended up playing rough and something bad happened.

I hope you guys don’t keep it too clean because us fans like some rubbin’!
[Laughs] Yeah, well you Ontarioians are different out there; you’re about taking the guy down and not having to deal with him for the rest of the moto. 

  • Class of 2009: Aron Harvey, Dusty Klatt, Colton Facciotti, and Kyle Beaton.
And Red Bull is going to be back with you and the entire Blackfoot team. You had a great relationship with them in 2006 and 2007, so I’m sure it feels good to be back.
Yeah, I’m super pumped! That was definitely one of my decisions to come back and join forces with Blackfoot. I love being a part of Red Bull, and it was pretty stressful for me to leave them when I signed with Cernic’s. But that’s how our industry works sometimes. I wouldn’t have left if I didn’t have to.

How are you going to adapt to the small can again, after drinking all of those big Monsters?
Well, I got that water bottle so I might be a little faster now [laughs].

When do you start riding with Blackfoot and testing your new bike?
We’re going down to Georgia in January to try out a couple of motors. We’ll get that settled in for what we’re going to use for our race and practice bikes. Buckle-down time will be in February.

Christmas is coming up. What’s the atmosphere like in the Klatt house? Do you cook the turkey?
I will actually be in Ontario this Christmas. It will be new and different for me. I’m going to go hang out at my girlfriend Kayla’s house. The last three years, I’ve been in the U.S.

Have you made a list for Santa yet?
A house and some land would be nice [laughs].

Sorry, pal, not in the cards. If you’ve been good, maybe Saint Nick will treat you. Any New Year’s plans?
No, not really.

Well aren’t you a downer, Dusty [laughs]? Just kidding. Thanks for chatting.
No problem.