Go Ahead...Eat the Whole Pie

by Tim Crytser

First, I would like to start off by wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I will be spending my Thanksgiving with 48, yes 48! of my wife's family in Southern West Virginia. Before you start feeling sorry for me, I should tell you that Emeril Lagasse has nothing on my mother-in-law. She has been preparing a feast fit for a king and has baked over 30 pies! Someone must have told her I was coming. If you are familiar with the Virtual Trainer site you might be expecting an article on how to "survive the holidays" by avoiding the carbs, calories and fat that come along with most holiday meals. You might even be expecting a not so gentle poke in your rapidly expanding belly to go ahead and train on Turkey day. Not so fast my friend! The only exercise on tap this Thanksgiving Day is the occasional sprint from the lazy boy to the frig. Today is about eating enough calories to kill a small horse. So sit back, loosen your belt a few notches and dig in. As your trainer, I give you permission. Don't worry; I haven't lost my mind completely because I'll give you a workout to follow on Friday that is perfect for burning those post-feast carbs. I'll even show you a healthy way of attacking Thursday's leftovers! >> Read More
Also new this week on Virtual Trainer I've scoured the internet in search of another photo that is sure to Fuel Your Inspiration and mental games coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn returns with his highly popular Podcast series. This week he explains how to mentally recover after making a mistake on the track. Remember...Training Amplifies Talent!

Next Week: Trainer Talk with..... Joe Gibbs Racing's Josh Grant!
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