Quick Update On Jason Lawrence

CORONA, CA - Monster Energy's Jason "JLaw" Lawrence took a break from turning heads at tracks here locally in SoCal and hopped a plane to Italy to contest this past weekend's Genoa Supercross - the final round of the 2008 FIM UEM Supercross Series.

Decked out in the latest Fox gear and running a bike set up for him over in Europe, Lawrence from all reports was on it - tearing into the competition to the tune of around a couple seconds per lap on the tight SX/AX hybrid Genoa track.

In his first heat race Lawrence went down in the whoop section after having already lapped nearly the entire field. JLaw then stepped it up again in the next heat race, winning that one easily. In the main he got out early, but ran into some mechanical problems right away and his night was over. Overall Lawrence was again a couple seconds faster per lap than the other top guys there, namely Ben Coisy and Marvin Musquin.

"Bummed my bike broke, but more than anything I was pumped on the fans there," said Lawrence. "Definitely plan on coming back again. Italy's rad."

Lawrence will get back after it here this week in continuing his preparation for the Monster Energy Supercross season opener at Anaheim's (Calif.) Angel Stadium, Jan. 3.

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