Xmas Countdown: Day 29+2

November 25, 2008 9:03am

Hello, and welcome to Day 29+2 of our 30+2 Days of Xmas, presented by Suzuki. 

Need to find a gift that is perfect for nearly anyone that rides? Look no further. Everyone who rides has gear. They need a place to store that gear. They also need a device to transport said gear. Chaparral has the perfect gift for that person with gear. This durable nylon construction bag has a rigid bottom and skids make it perfect for outdoor use. This feature-filled gear bag has a fur-lined pocket for goggles, vented boot pocket, padded inner compartment for your helmet and a fold out mat. The bag includes a shoulder strap and side handles for easy carrying. Dimensions: 32" L x 13.75" W x 13.75" H.

Price: $49.99

Available exclusively at Chaparral Motorsports. Find it online at www.chaparralmotorsports.com.
Order toll free at 800-841-2960