Over $11K raised for Blair Morgan

The Women's Motocross Foundation’s Ebay auction for the recovery of Blair Morgan just closed last week and the total raised for Blair came to over $11,000! This money will go to Blair and allow him and his family the resources for outfitting their house and vehicles for Blair to use. As many of you know, Blair suffered a career ending spinal injury at the Montreal Supercross this past October and is now confined to a wheelchair. The Canadian motocross and Sno-cross legend has always been a fighter and we all have no doubt that he’ll keep on displaying the qualities that won him so many snow and dirt titles in adapting to his new life.

Blair Morgan: "I want to thank everyone for all their generosity. The support of the moto, snow and my own community here has been overwhelming. I'm going to need to outfit my house and car for my needs and this money will help. As well, I'm going to donate a portion of it to spinal cord research."

Antoinette Gress, chairwoman of the WMXF: “WMXF is proud of the response we received in helping Blair Morgan in his time of need, we couldn't have done it without all the loyal  fans that love this sport of motocross.”

Steve Matthes: “I would like to thank all the people that stepped up again in this time of need for Blair. Not only the riders, but all you gear guys as well. Thanks, none of this would have been possible without your help.”

Below are the people responsible for donating all the great moto memorabilia and prizes for the auction:

James Stewart                                                   
Josh Hill
Michael Byrne
Andrew Short
Rich Eggert at Rockwell watches
Maxxis tires
Billy Ursic at Racer X
DC at Racer X
Fubar at Racer X
John Knowles at Scott USA
Anthony Paggio at Oakley
Tim Ferry
Travis Preston
David Vuillemin
Max at Fly Racing
Victor Sheldon at Thor
Roger Larsen at Answer
Nick Wey
Cory Hutter at Fox Racing
Amy Ritchie at Red Bud MX
Trevor Greaves at CTi Canada
Destry Abbott
Michelle and Ryan Dungey
Eric Johnson
Chad Reed
Ivan Tedesco