ASMF and R2R on the Scene in Gainesville

The Action Sports Medicine Foundation and the Road 2 Recovery Foundation with the help of Title Sponsor Leatt Brace are proud to bring the Mobile Safety/Sports Medicine Unit for the 4th consecutive year to the Mini O’s 2008. The unit and staff has recently returned from Arizona, where they helped out the medical crew all week at Arizona Cycle Park. “The weather was fantastic, and everyone had a great week!” states Christine Chmielewski. “ Erv Braun and his staff are extremely supportive of the foundation, and we hope to continue to grow the relationship and provide our services to more events like this in 2009”, Chmielewski added.  The unit is a mobile treatment facility that will provide sports medicine services such as taping and stretching to evaluation and medical treatment of injuries not requiring emergency room transport utilizing certified athletic trainers (Christine Chmielewski, Danny Dongo, Jimmy Preuter,  and Eddie Cassillas),  physician assistant (Randy Fulford), and physicians (Diana Maccario and Stephen Augustine) who are all experienced with motocross sports medicine. In addition to providing on site sports medicine care, the unit will bring a new level and understanding of the importance of safety and health issues to the sport by providing information to the athletes.

Certified athletic trainers are the backbone of the program and are skilled health care professionals who specialize in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from sports participation. The goal of the athletic trainers at theses events is to provide numerous medical and educational services to the athletes and parents that do not fall under the EMS professionals’ care service umbrella.  Athletic trainers will fill a gap in the athlete’s care that has not been available in the past.  Working together with the local EMS providers, we are there to raise the level of care to athletes competing in action sports.” Dr. Steve Augustine – President and Founder of ASMF

The Road 2 Recovery Foundation is a 501-(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping injured professional motocross athletes. Our goal at the Road 2 Recovery would be to become large enough to completely provide for a rider for the duration of their life if they are unable to generate revenue again. We can strive towards this goal with the help of everyone in the motocross community who is passionate about this sport. The Road 2 Recovery is out there to make our sport a better safer place.

The Action Sports Medicine Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality and availability of sports medicine to athletes participating in action sports. The foundation was formed in 2003 by Dr. Steve Augustine, and is based out of Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute, Florida. Our desire is to become a quality resource for athletes who are looking to receive sports medicine on site services, and for the various health care workers who are looking to provide these services. The primary sports that we will be serving are motocross, BMX, skateboarding, wakeboarding and surfing. Within this population, we will focus on the amateur athlete. Our goal is to enhance the level of on site medical care at the grass roots level. In so doing, we can develop a healthier and better conditioned group of athletes, thus enabling them to maximize their capabilities and participation in their chosen sports. Secondarily, we feel confident that we can raise the level of understanding of these sports within the medical community, thus enabling other health care practitioners to better deal with the needs of this unique group of athletes. Please visit the websites  and