Jason Lawrence's Weekend in Genoa, Italy

Racer X received a call from our friend Scott Sepkovic, owner of Crown Management and the agent for Jason Lawrence, about J-Law's weekend in Italy. He let us know that Lawrence had a good weekend in Genoa, Italy, though the results did not show it for him. "Jason was flying over there, and he won his qualifying races pretty easily, but then he had some bike problems in the main and that was it," said Sepkovic, who went along on the trip. He said that J-Law, in his first race since the X Games, was riding well and with confidence. The Yamaha of Troy/Monster Energy/Fox Racing rider has been working with Ryan Hughes again out at Rynoland in Southern California; as reported in Racerhead on Friday, it doesn't look his move back East to work out in Tallahassee with Ricky Carmichael and friends is going to work out after all.