This Week's Birthdays

November 23, 2008 9:28am | by:
  • Marty Smith
  • Casey Lytle
  • Ricky “The Goat” Carmichael
  • Andrew Short
November 24: Racer X reader, Jonah Ganz  

November 25: 2005 Loretta Lynn’s Four Stroke Champion Michael LaPaglia

November 25: Photographer Chris Ganz

November 26: Marty Smith was one of America’s first motocross superstars. In 1974 he became the first rider to win the new 125cc AMA National Motocross Championship and then he backed it up in ’75. After losing the title to Yamaha’s Bob “Hurricane” Hannah in 1976, he made a promise to himself that he would win a title the following year. In ’77, once again, it was he and Hannah going after the 500cc National Motocross title, and this time it was Team Honda’s Smith who came out on top.

November 26: French import Steve Boniface

November 26: Privateer Kyle Partridge

November 26: Former factory rider and MDK KTM Team Manager Casey Lytle

November 27: Words can describe Ricky “The Goat” Carmichael as well as the numbers do:
  • 150 career MX/SX wins
  • 24 straight moto wins in both the 2002 and 2004 AMA Motocross Championship.
  • 15 major championships in AMA SX/MX
  • 13 is the number of consecutive AMA Supercross wins, tying him with Jeremy McGrath
  • 10 AMA Motocross Championships in 10 seasons of full time racing
  • 4-time member of a Motocross of Nations winning team (’00, ’03, ’05, ’07)
  • Two children he and his wife Ursula are now raising
November 27: Avid Racer X reader Emily Kimball

November 27: DNA Energy/'s Karsten Butler

November 27: BBR’s Brent Brown

November 27: So Cal rider Dylan Lair

November 27: GNCC contender Tyler Moore
November 27: Racer X reader Jen Sheppard
November 28: Happy 19th birthday, Kaitlyn Love

November 28: Team Honda Red Bull Racing’s Andrew Short is one of the most consistent riders on the circuit both indoors and out. If Shorty can find some extra speed in the off-season he could be a title threat. 

November 29: Former DNA Energy/ rider Brandon Butler

November 29: Throttle Jockey’s Matt Davis

November 30: Jacob Saylor, this year's Zurich Supercross winner in the SX2 class.

November 30: Winner’s Choice's Brian Martin

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