Thursday Rev Up: Trophy Time

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. Something very powerful happened to my family last weekend and it gave me an epiphany for where to go with the Rev this week.

  • James Stewart at the Mini Olympics on a KX60
There is a common goal in the world of racing, and that is simply to win. A real racer tries for victories and championships. He’ll give up anything and everything to do it. What is his motivation? The money? The girls? The admiration of his peers? Well, all of those things come to a champion, but they all fall in line behind one simple item: The trophy. I’ve been fortunate enough to be with some of the greatest champions in recent motorsports history and I’ve noticed their eyes all sparkle a little brighter when they hold their first-place trophy for the first time. I remember when RC held his first supercross trophy over his head. I remember Travis Pastrana clenching his first X-Games gold medal in his fists in San Francisco. Most recently, Chad Reed put it best on the stage in Las Vegas last May when he said, “Thanks for the check, but all that does is bring problems. This #1 plate is what it is all about.”

So, speaking along those lines, what is the most coveted trophy in motocross? Other than the Chamberlain Trophy for the MXoN, what do American riders want to put on their mantle the most? I’d say it is the #1 plate. Although, I have noticed that motocross promoters have made more of an effort in the area over the years. Glen Helen has those bitchin’ guitars and Binghamton used to have those super-badass, hand-carved wooden specials. Maybe a new thing they can do for the outdoor nationals is to create a new, more symbolic trophy that embodies the soul of the accomplishment.

The NFL has the Lombardi Trophy, and the BCS has the Heisman, but I think those flapping-head Canadians have the coolest trophy of all in the Stanley Cup. I don’t even watch hockey, but I watch all of the crazy stuff they do with the Cup. It goes to Letterman, Good Morning America, and everywhere. It is the most sacred thing in their sport. I’d like to see nostalgia like that with our boys. After all, winning a supercross or outdoor national championship is the gnarliest single accomplishment a man can put forth. No teammates, no pit crew, just a raw pair of hands and a set of stones like Rushmore will get the job done.
Last weekend was amazing, folks. Everyone was ready to puke all day long. It was scorching hot and the sweat was running down places I can’t mention. Clint wasn’t running good and halfway through the race he was actually down four points. He had to free the car up and really go for it, but he was able to do what it took to become champion. After two hours of burnouts, champagne, and tears we went back to the motorcoach to celebrate. Just as the party was getting up to full song, a couple elite members of the Nationwide Series rolled a large, black container over and knocked on the door. Inside was the 2008 Nationwide trophy. I hadn’t seen Clint really smile in months, but when we set that trophy on the table in his motor home, let me tell you the kid was stoked. It must weigh over 100 lbs. and we could barely get it out of the box. Everyone took turns drinking champagne out of the cup. Money, fame, chicks – none of that stuff touches the trophy.

And before we go, I want to talk about a big race setting up for next week: The 37th annual Winter National Olympics will go down at Gatorback Cycle Park. My family attended this event from 1987 through 1995. I remember the Gong Show, the volleyball tournament, and eating with all of the other motocross families at the Turkey Feast. It is a really cool event that has some of the coolest trophies in the sport. The best amateur racers in the world will be racing for the Bronze Boot, the Dunlop Silver Tire, and the Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe.

{LINKS}In the meantime, I’d like to hear about some of the cool trophies you readers have accumulated over the years.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week.