Dragon Racing Fuels 2009 Contingency

Dragon Racing Fuels will have trackside support and a contingency program for the 2009 motocross season. Contingency will be paid out at the following events in 2009,  Lake Whitney Spring Classic, World Mini Grand Prix, Loretta Lynn National Championship, Branson USA Amateur National, and the Mini O’s. The Rules for this program are as follows,

- The rider must be preregistered in the Dragon Racing Fuels contingency program prior to the start of the event. If a rider registers after the event has started, that rider is not eligible for contingency payout until the start of the next event on the contingency schedule.
- The rider must purchase Dragon Racing Fuel at the event and place in the top five overall to earn any contingency. If the rider finishes in the top five overall in a class that pays contingency, the rider must bring the sales ticket from the fuel that was purchased at that event to the trackside support trailer to redeem the contingency prize. Trackside support will take the correct information on the rider and payouts will be mailed to the registered rider the following week.
- Dragon Racing Fuel eligible for the contingency program are Legend Series JM6, JM01, and JM Pro Series.
- The contingency rider must display a Dragon Racing Fuel logo on each side of the shroud or tank. The rider must also display one Dragon Racing Fuel logo on either the helmet or chest protector.
- The registered contingency rider also gives Dragon Racing Fuels the right to use any and all photos or video for advertising purposes at no charge to Dragon Racing Fuels.

Contingency will be paid out in the following classes for the above listed events and contingency will be paid out one class per 5 gallon pail purchased trackside. You will not be paid contingency for multiple classes unless you purchased multiple pails of fuel.  
  • 65 Mod   (7 – 11)
  • 85 Mod   (9 – 11)
  • 85 Mod   (12 – 13)
  • 250 C Stock
  • 250 B Stock
  • 250 B Mod
  • 250 A
  • 450 B Stock
  • 450 B Mod
  • 450 A

    • If an event does not offer stock and mod class we only pay out for the one class. (example) – If the event only has Lites B and not Lites B stock and Mod. We will only pay contingency for the one class, Lites B.
    • Any Dragon Racing Fuel support rider must also purchase fuel at the event to qualify for the contingency payouts. Support riders will only pay support fuel pricing.
    • All fuel purchased must be purchased trackside at trackside pricing.
    • The contingency payout will be as follows,
1st place- $100.00
2nd place- $85.00
3rd place- $75.00
4th place- $55.00
5th place- $35.00

  • All contingency riders are expected to act in a professional manner and fly the Dragon Racing Fuels logo with respect.
  • This contingency form is for the 2009 season only. All riders must register again for the following season with Dragon Racing Fuels.
  • Information on Dragon Racing Fuels can be found at dragonracingfuels.com or 1-800-286-2500.
  • Dragon Racing Fuels does not place ownership on any rider or motorcycles. Dragon Racing Fuel is not responsible for any personal injury, death, personal property damage to the rider or persons involved with the event.
Dragon Racing Fuels Representative_____________________________________
Contingency Rider___________________________________________________
Parent if under the age of 18___________________________________________
Class of the rider_____________________________________________________
Rider #________________________


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