WORCS Racing invades Las Vegas Endurocross

November 16, 2008 2:52pm
Washington, UT - WORCS Racing will invade Las Vegas come two weeks.  Over 12 WORCS Pro riders have pre-entered to run the Endurocross finals which will be held at The Orleans Casino, Saturday, November 22, 2008.  This marks the final off-road venue for the industry and what a better way to end than in Las Vegas next Saturday night.

“It is going to be a blast.  I was excited to see how big our presence will be at the final for Rd #6.  I was actually lucky enough to get the invite to announce the event and now I get to quietly root for our riders on the West coast from the upstairs booth. I’m proud of our guys and I’m excited to continue to watch our series grow and watch our riders cross over to this premier event.” WORCS Racing’s Jason Reed

WORCS Racing’s- Factory Kawasaki/Monster Energy Ricky Dietrich leads his teammate Damon Huffman by 10 points, while Brozovich, Lanza and Ty Davis all sit with in the top 10. Also visiting will be 2007 WORCS champ Kurt Caselli along with teammates Justin Soule and Mike Brown.

“I can’t wait. Dietrich and Bonds gave us such a battle this year, with Dietrich coming up just short, you know he has the drive and want to take down this Championship.  I am very proud of all our riders. There are about 20 of us heading over to cheer our boys on.  I even made the risky move of entering the Vet class, so I can’t wait to play in the rocks, Saturday night myself.  It’s going to be great”- WORCS Owner/CEO Sean Reddish

Here is a list of the current WORCS riders who are pre entered for the Vegas final:

Ricky Dietrich 
Damon Huffman 
Destry Abbott 
Taylor Robert 
Brenden Ritzman 
Jaime Lanza 
Ty Davis 
Nick Brozovich 
Chris Johnson 
Kurt Caselli 
Justin Soule 
Mike Brown 
Ryan Abbatoye 
Ryan Orr 
Johnathon Davis

Make plans to attend the Las Vegas final round.  You can visit www.endurocross.com to pick up your tickets today.

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