This Week's Birthdays

November 9, 2008 11:45am | by:
  • Eli Tomac
  • J.C. Waterhouse
  • Kurt Nicoll
  • Jim Pomeroy
November 10: KBC Helmets’ Pat Lio  

November 10:
GNCC XC1 Pro title contender Chad Parker  

November 10: KTM’s Sean Daugherty’s mom Carol LaFollette  

November 11: Privateer Richie Owens   November 12: OC-Net's Brad Zimmerman

November 12:
GNCC XC1 contender Taylor Kiser

November 13:
KTM's Christy LaCurelle

November 13:
DeCal Works' Kurt Genz  

November 14:
Eli Tomac is a rising star and with six Loretta Lynn’s championships. After being under the yellow tent for most of his amateur career, Tomac has just signed a deal with the GEICO Powersports Honda team.  

November 14:
You can’t have a winning team without a great Team Manager. GEICO Powersports Honda’s J.C. Waterhouse has built one of the most powerful 250 teams on the SX/MX circuit. Isn’t it ironic that he just signed Tomac and they have the same birthday?  

November 14: FLMX’s photographer Frank Buonemani

November 14: Red Line Bicycles’ Gork  

November 14:
Racer X readers Blaze and Keeley Rodriguez  

November 15: MX Sports’ Tim Boryk  

November 15:
KTM's Kurt Nicoll was a title contender for years on the Grand Prix circuit. Now he’s the Race Director at KTM and is responsible for hiring riders and keeping the team rolling.

November 16:
Arai’s Akihito Arai

November 16:
Jim Pomeroy was an American motocross hero in the 1970s. Riding a Bultaco, Pomeroy became the first American to win an FIM World Championship event when he took home the 1973 250cc Spanish MX Grand Prix. Tragically, Jim lost his life in a traffic accident on August 7, 2006. God Speed Jim.