Stewart Still Perfect in Paris

November 9, 2008 12:13pm | by:
  • James Stewart has won every race for the past two nights.
  • Justin Brayton was again firmly planted in second place.
  • Kevin Windham led James in the final match race.
  • David Vuillemin
  • Steve Boniface leads the charge through the whoops.
It was another banner night for King James in France, this time in front of a jam-packed Palais Omnisport, as the reigning AMA Toyota Motocross Champion and ’07 AMA Supercross Champ rode away from the field every time on the racetrack. The only difference between Friday night and Saturday was the fact that James was led for a lap by both Josh Grant and Kevin Windham. After that, it was clear sailing on his #7 San Manuel Yamaha.

“It’s an awesome crowd here and I’m really having a good time,” Stewart told the crowd after a hilarious opening ceremony video that had him sleeping in over at the Novotel Hotel, getting a late wake-up call from his jet-lag, and then racing to get dressed, ride his bike down the street and into the stadium and, then get lost in the bowels of the Palais Omnisport before emerging from a tunnel in a jerry-curl wig like the one he wore at retro night in Anaheim last January. “Everyone is treating me really well and I want to put on a good show for you guys.”

He delivered, at least for a lap in the first of two main events, watching JGR Yamaha’s Josh Grant steal a holeshot from him and lead for an entire lap. But no sooner did Stewart get around him than the #33 Yamaha went cartwheeling through the whoops. Grant would spend the next three laps sitting on a haybale and shaking out the cobwebs, but he would return to score a third in the final race main event of the night.

  • The crowd enjoyed Stewart's introduction.
  • Jacob Marsack.
Grant’s crash opened the door for MDK/KTM rider Justin Brayton, who is clearly the second fastest man here in France. Brayton would also finish second in the finale, giving him a 2-2 and another 2-2 after two nights of racing.

GEICO Honda’s Windham, who was third in the first main and a lowly sixth in the follow-up, would have his moment of glory in the match races, as he made it into the one-on-one finale with Stewart after three elimination rounds. He would then lead a lap, as Stewart generously bided his time behind the veteran. Then Stewart lowered the boom, and off he went to keep his Bercy streak perfect. In two nights of racing, he has won all four main events and he’s 8-for-8 in the match races.

The final day of racing is about to begin here in Paris, as Sunday’s event is a 3 p.m. matinee. Check back later here at Racer X Online for scores and highlights.