“Well Wasted Time” Off-Road Film

The last 2 weeks have been really hard on Tad and I and our families.  We have been putting in 12 hour days after our 8 hour days at the real job, but at the end it has all worked out.  THE MOVIE IS COMPLETE!!!  We learned a lot with “Wasting Time” as far as getting the perfect shots and what not to do.  “Well Wasted Time”  is top notch.  More dynamic shots, more footage and best of the best riders has made this movie stand out above the others in the Off-Road world.  I want to thank all our sponsors for their support in our journey to create the best Off-Road film on the market.  You can check out the teaser on www.wastingtimefilms.com .  “Well Wasted Time” will be available in stores by November 26th and on our website.