Between the Motos: Fox Boot Camp Program

November 5, 2008 6:05pm

Yesterday, we posted up this press release about the Fox Boot Camp Program, which is kicking off its November tour at Cycle Ranch Motocross Park in Floresville, Texas, this weekend. Having never been to this Fox Boot Camp, and wondering what it entails, I gave Fox Racing’s Marketing Events Coordinator James Tomasick a call to learn more...

Racer X: This weekend, the Fox Boot Camp is kicking off its Southeastern Regional Series at Cycle Ranch in Texas, and then it’s on to Louisiana, Georgia and Florida. This looks to be the start of a pretty busy month for you, James.

  • There are plenty of boots to try out at the Fox Boot Camp.
James Tomasick: Yeah, it’s going to be a very busy month! We’ve been planning this since the beginning of the year. We did have our Northeast Region Boot Camp that ran through the summer, and now we’re just trying to hit up the southern part of the States.

Tell us about the program: What’s the main goal?
This is just a good opportunity for all of the consumers to come and test out all of the products that we offer, whether that be the F3 or Comp 5 boot, the PW gear, race frames, Pod knee braces, or goggles.

I read the press release you guys sent out yesterday and it said this program has been around for three years. Have you been doing this that entire time, James?
This is my second year, actually. The first year, it was pretty small and it was mainly just boot demos. I think they just stayed in California, too. Now we’re starting to take this program to the national level.

Who’s all invited to the Boot Camp? You don’t have to wear Fox gear to come out, right?
No, absolutely not. Anyone who wants to come out and try the product, do some riding and hang out, you’re invited. We’re going to have a nice booth setup with shade and refreshments and everyone is welcome.

  • Paul Carpenter came out to an earlier Boot Camp this summer
Are all of these Fox products available to purchase at the Boot Camp?
This is strictly a demo tour, so no. They’d have to go to their local dealership to purchase the product.

What’s the typical day like?
It’s usually a one-day affair. We have a few morning sessions on Saturdays and Sundays, and we have a few night sessions during the week, too. We usually hit up some dealers and hang out during the day, and then an hour or two before the ride actually starts we setup and have people sign waivers and get the program rolling.

And this is all free?
Yes, 100-percent free! All they really need is an ID and if they’re under 18 we need a parent or guardian to sign for them.

Where can someone learn more about the Fox Boot Camp?
Just go to our website: They can find all the dates, times and locations on there.

Date          Track               Address            City/State
11/8/2008  Cycle Ranch    2066 C&R 405   Floresville, Texas
11/9/2008  Del Valle         Pearce Lane     Delle Valle, Texas
11/11/2008 Gravity Alley  1640 Mills Hwy  Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
11/13/2008 Breman MX     372 Reid Rd      Bremen, Georgia