This Week's Birthdays


  • Damon Huffman
  • Greg Fox
  • Shane Watts
  • James Evans
  • Paul “Baz” Boudreau
November 3: Red Bud Track 'N Trail's Nancy Ritchie, the better half of track founder Gene Ritchie.

November 4
: Damon Huffman won two 125 West Supercross titles in 1994 and 1995. After retiring full-time from racing, Damon decided to get involved in selling real estate. However, the racing bug got back in his system, and Huffman is now racing full-time in the AMA/Maxxis EnduroCross series, where he has won two main events so far this year.

November 4: Former pro racer/team manager Paul Lindsey.

November 4: DeCal Work’s Chris Svoboda

November 4: Greg Fox, along with his brothers Pete and John, has helped turn his father Geoff’s company into the clothing giant that Fox Racing has become.

November 6: SoCal Racing designer Ryan Calligan

November 6: Von Zipper's Johnny Kuzo


November 7: After winning six Australian Enduro championships, KTM sent Shane Watts over to race in the GNCC series. In 2000, he rewarded KTM with their first championship in the series. Everyone knew Watts was versatile, but we were still surprised when in 2001 he qualified for the High Point national and went 15-40.

November 7: James Evans is a two-time Loretta Lynn’s champion in the Plus 25 class. For the past few years, Evans and Kevin Walker have put on quite a show down at the ranch.

November 8: FMX rider Rudy Waller

November 9: Paul “Baz” Boudreau was a former editor of Motocross Action in the mid ‘70s who gave up editing for priesthood. Now he’s a Catholic priest in the Palm Desert area and a frequent contributor to Racer X.


November 9: Loretta Lynn Alumni Kris Egbert

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