MDK/Warthog Racing/MotoConcepts/US Air Force Sheffield SX Results

Riding directly for the MDK/Warthog Racing Academy/MotoConcepts team was Tyler Bright in both the SX1 and SX2 classes.  Riding a bone stock Suzuki RMZ 250F, Tyler charged to an excellent 4th place finish in the SX2 class after being caught up in a second turn pile-up that dropped him a half lap down from the leaders.   Tyler was definitely the fastest one on the track as he passed riders as though they were standing still.  It was a great effort for the up-and-coming 18-year old star.  Tyler also rode his 250F to an excellent 5th place finish in the SX1 class, battling Jeff Alessi and Mike Brown the entire race for the final podium position.  To everybody that was watching, you could not help but be impressed with Tyler’s performance.  Special thanks to Nick of DK Offroad for providing the bike to Tyler and TT Incorporated, AXO, Bell Helmets, Liquid Performance, and Full Travel suspension for providing additional support.

Jeff Alessi, a recent MDK/Warthog Racing Academy graduate, is now on the elite MotoConcepts team -- a member team of the Warthog Nation. Things did not look good for Jeff at Sheffield as he injured his knee in practice two days before the event.  But in what can only be called a gutsy performance, Jeff sacked up and forgot all about the pain for the 15 minute main event.  He got his MotoConcepts Honda off to a 4th place start and then stalked Mike Brown for several laps before blasting past Mike in the whoops to nail down a 3rd place podium finish for the team.  Derrick Dwyer performed some fancy footwork on the PAR Home supplied Honda to get it running like a top just in time for the main event.  Jeff would also like to than his other sponsors including Alpinestars, Shark Helmets, DeCal Works, and Race Tech suspension.

Former FIM Supercross World Champion Heath Voss made a long, hellacious 48 hour trip (cancelled flights, sat on the runway for 8 hours) from San Antonio, Texas to Sheffield to represent the U.S. Air Force and MasterCraft Boats.  Heath, a life-time member of the Warthog Nation, pushed all the obstacles aside and arose to the challenge.  With little sleep, and no time on a new bike, Heath Voss went out and won his qualifier convincingly.  He made it look even easier in the main event, where he pulled the holeshot and ran away with the race for 16 of the 20 laps.  Unfortunately, on lap 16, Heath made a small mistake that left him on the ground and let Colton Facciotti by for the win.  Still, Heath had an excellent ride, placing 2nd against tough odds.  He made Warthog Racing, The U.S. Air Force, MasterCraft, PAR Honda, and Retired U.S. Army Colonel Jack Pryor proud. 

Frenchman Benjamin Coisy, another member of the MotoConcepts team, had a day he’d rather forget.  He was surely the favorite to win the SX1 class at Sheffield but the fates conspired against him.  Papa and mechanic Jeff Coisy worked all day to sort out the PAR Homes Honda to his liking.  The bike looked bad-to-the-bone when the custom graphics kit made by DeCal Works especially for Ben and Sheffield was applied to the bike.  Victory seemed inevitable with the giant green Warthog heads snarling on the gas tank shroud.  After a bad start in his heat race, Ben worked his was up to second, good enough to easily make the main.  However, after a terrible start in the main, Ben showed great speed for a couple of laps before taking a soil sample of the Dirt Wurx prepared track.  And that was that.  Ben’s night was over.  Look for Ben to be back on track at his next SX race, as his showing at Sheffield is no indicator of his brilliance on a Supercross track.  Ben’s support team consisted of Shot Gear, and Shark Helmets.

Props out to Colton Facciotti for winning the SX1 class, Mike Brown for his victory in the SX2 class, and Tommy Searle for his come-from-behind win in the British Open class.  Each of these great riders also regularly contributes to the Warthog Racing Academy privateers through generous donations, making it possible for dozens of privateers to live their dreams.  Kudos to all of them.  Since we are in England, The Warthog Racing Academy knights them all honorary and privileged members of the Warthog Nation.

Said Scott Kandel, Chief Altruistic Officer of the Warthog Racing Academy, “As they say in America, close, but no cigar.  We didn’t make the top spot of the podium but we came within a hair’s breadth.  I’m proud of how all the guys did – they rode well and overcame a lot of adversity.  And in the end, we all had fun thousands of miles away from home.  In the future, look for MDK, Warthog Racing, MotoConcepts, DeCal Works, and The U.S. Air Force to be racing anywhere in the world where there’s a Supercross track and a big crowd of fans.”

Special thanks to the Business Manager of all things Warthog Alison Turner as she worked tirelessly to pull together the Sheffield adventure.  And to her crew Mr. Mike, Brad and Michael, as they did the jobs of ten men to organize the chaos.  Best wishes to Brad for a speedy recovery after getting a severe burn on the track due to an out-of-control rider who landed on top of him.   Alison is the Director of Atlantic Promotions, where she provides rider and race team management services for MotoConcepts, Mike Alessi, Jeff Alessi, Ben Coisy, David Vuillemin, Jason Thomas, Tyler Bowers, and Vince Friese.  If you have any question about anything in the world, just ask Alison – she has the answer.  Alison can be reached 24/7 at 805 214-1106 or  Code name: Super Agent 007½!!

And a tip of the cap to the major sponsors and supporters that are with us week in and week out – MDK Motorsports, MDK Speed, MotoConcepts, DeCal Works, Smooth Industries, MMI, Transworld Motocross, RacerX, Dirt Rider,, The Plumber Inc., The Whitaker Wellness Institute, DT1 Air Filters, Vanquish MX, Advanced Maintenance,, and Round Wheels.  With this fine group, anything is possible.

MDK/Warthog Racing/MotoConcept’s Race Director Darrell Saldana is busy readying the new Warthog Racing Supercross Complex that will be opening at the Honolulu Hills Raceway in Taft, CA at the end of October.  This complex will contain two world class Supercross tracks and will be free to all AMA Supercross and Supercross Lites-endorsed professional racers.  Interested parties should contact Darrell at 310 483-8113 or

The Warthog Racing Academy is now recruiting sponsors and partners for the 2009 Supercross and Outdoor series.  We give the most exposure for the least amount of money.  Sponsors and Partners should contact Scott Kandel at 213 268-2659 or for more details.  We have great plans for 2009 that will embody our mission to support the struggling privateers!!  Be part of it!!

We look forward to seeing you all at Anaheim 1 on Jan 3rd, 2009!

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