Dustin Hoffman Wins Two AMA Grand National Championships

Riding a Precepts Motorsports prepared, Michelin shod, KX-450F and KX-250F Dustin Hoffman won the SM1/450 and SM2/250 supermoto amateur national championships in Stockton, California over the weekend.

SM1/450 – Through out practice and the morning heat race Dustin showed he was the man to beat. Hoffman quickly made his way to the front of the pack and was able to win his heat race, giving him pole position for the main. It was much the same for the main event. Dustin quickly made his way to the front and never looked back.

“This was only my second time riding the KX-450F and it was awesome. We literally only put a slipper clutch, pipe, wheels and brakes on this thing and it was awesome. I was a little apprehensive going into the weekend because I don’t have any experience on the 450 and the suspension is bone stock, but this thing was hooked up. It never had any handling issues at all. We were also using the standard Michelin supermoto tires with the 17” front and the tires were just awesome. I would follow some guys and I could tell they were pushing really hard because of how much their bike was sliding but I could go faster with no grip issues at all.”

SM2/250 – Dustin got off to a bad start in the SM2 heat race, coming out of the first corner second to last. Hoffman put his head down and was able to click off some consistent laps and found himself in 3rd with two laps to go. He was able to catch and pass second place before the white flag and on the last lap, Hoffman completed his quest to the front and found himself in the lead with just a half lap to go. The warm up lap for the main is where it started to go wrong. Dustin noticed he was having trouble shifting. He was still able to start the race but due to the shifting problem he got a horrible start. He again made his way through the field into 3rd but was running out of time. Hoffman only had use of 3rd and 4th gear the entire race but was still making time on the leaders. Then, on the final lap, #127 got one to go his way. The leaders tangled in the dirt and Dustin was in the right place to capitalize. He took the lead and finished the race not even knowing he had won.

“When I got back to our pit and they told me I won I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t able to shift the whole race. For some reason the shifter was hanging and it just wouldn’t go. This KX-250F has been awesome all year and it was just one of those flukes but luck was on our side and we came out with the championship.”

Precepts Motorsports wants to thank all that have helped us with our racing this year. With out you we could not race. Period. Sprocket Specialists, Barnett Clutches, Michelin, Maxima Oils, Spy,  Flu Designs, Cycra, FMF, QTM, Wiseco Pistons, VP Racing Fuels, 661, Sidi.

Also a special thanks to Sprocket Specialists, and Barnett clutches for there support of our program.