Deluge Sport Drink Joins Ryan Hughes Racing

LA PALMA, CA - Officials at ampm today announced that the company's new beverage - Deluge Sport - will be the sustained energy and recovery drink of choice at Ryan "Ryno" Hughes' MX compound - dubbed "Rynoland" - located in smack dab in the middle of the world's motocross capital - southern California.

"We're out in the sun all day riding motocross and hydration is highly important," said Hughes. "The guys at  ampm approached me and had me test out their new product. Right away I was hooked. Tastes great, does the job and has half the sugar of regular sport drinks. So I'm pleased to welcome Deluge Sport into the Rynoland MX compound and look forward to introducing the product into my athletes' daily training and recovery regiments."

Hughes, who's raced competitive motocross, supercross and off road for nearly a quarter of a century, boasts a number of high-level professional racers currently under his tutelage. A fierce competitor, Hughes was known for his highly professional approach to training well before the idea became popular across the board with motocross racers.

"Ryno's winning attitude, perseverance and newfound commitment to coaching his fellow motocross racers caught our attention and quickly became something Deluge Sport wanted to be part of," said  ampm's Jon Bratta. "His legacy in the sport of motocross as a hard working, blue collar racer is the same path we've chose to take with Deluge Sport - a no-nonsense, no frills sport drink that provides sustained energy and isn't packed with sugar.

"Like Ryno, Deluge Sport works."

For more information on "Rynoland," link to his website at

To pick up a new Deluge Sport drink, stop by your local am/pm or BP retail outlet. You can also read about the product online at

Deluge Sport - great for sustained energy and quick recovery with half the sugar of other sport drinks and jam packed with electrolytes, amino acids and natural flavors to give you long lasting stamina and to keep you going strong for any challenge. Available at ampm retail outlets in both bottled and Fountain Drink versions.