The New Flak 1000LT Leatt Brace Compatible Chest Protector

Farmington, NH - HRP Sports is now offering a new Leatt Brace compatible chest protector called Flak 1000LT. No more extending straps, cutting and hacking existing protectors.  The Flak 1000LT is designed specifically to fit comfortably around you Leatt Brace and it's easily on your wallet starting at $69.99.

The Flak 1000LT is designed with our Floating shoulder net system, crystal clear polycarbonate anatomical panels, our patent E-Leat Latch System, which allows the chest protector to be placed on the rider after the Leatt Brace has been correctly positioned on the rider and a full range of sizes to assure proper fit.

Proper sizing of a chest protector is important that's why HRP Sports is the only company that offers five sizes, Peewee (S) (50-95 lbs), Youth (M) (95-125 lbs), Adult Med (125-145 lbs), Large (145-190 lbs) and Xlarge (190-250 lbs).  The Flak 1000LT has clear front and back panels with black shoulder cap and comes in five graphic color designs, blue/yellow, orange, green, red and black to pick from to match your gear, helmet or bike.

Pricing on the Flak 1000LT starts at $69.99 for the Peewee, Youth thru Large $89.99 and Xlarge $99.99

Check out the Flak 1000LT at or see you local motorcycle retail.

To order call 1-800-352-5525,  or see your local motorcycle shop or motorcycle accessory retail.


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