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October 24, 2008 11:29am | by:
I know I can’t be the only one writing about how horrible the US Open broadcast was. An hour and a half long and we saw about 12 minutes of racing. I am soooo tired of CBS and SPEED showing more of the lifestyle stuff then the actual racing. Sure, we want more people to watch sx/mx racing, but how about the other million loyal fans/racers that actually want to WATCH a RACE. If there needs to be more fan base, then put out a 30 minute show about the lifestyle of a AMA racer, etc. How many other sports out there that are on TV have 95% interviews and 5% racing. Sportbike racing shows 95% racing and about 5% interviews. I don’t recall a NASCAR race showing the first two and a half hours of interviews, followed by 20 minutes of racing and 10 minutes of post race burnouts. Pretty soon, for a fan or two gained they will lose more and more that won’t watch the races anymore because the racing is not there. I've seen longer action watching the ever so popular hot dog eating contest or ping pong that beats out SX on TV. What the Hell????

P.S. There is a box of peanut butter cookies tossed in, if this makes it online. lol


Dear Colby,

  • The best part of the US Open broadcast
I’m not sure what the network was shooting for when they pieced that big hunk of poopie together but I’m pretty sure they missed. I remember watching Moto World with Larry Maiers when I was a little kid and I hated that they only showed brief clips of the race. It was the only moto you could get back then so we couldn’t complain too much, but it doesn’t seem like its improved since. The shots of the Rockstar girls were nice but the rest of it was just a bunch of crap. Come on, network execs… we tuned in to watch dirt bike racing not a string of lame interviews with the same three guys that we hear from all year long. Point the cameras at the racing on the track and if you can’t get someone interesting to speak intelligently about the action going on then kindly shut the hell up so we can watch supercross. Thank you.

Um, Colby, I’m going to need that box of peanut butter cookies now.


  • This logo is smeared into Ping's carpet
Dear Pong,

What is the deal with JSE? More importantly, who came up with the crappiest looking, most non appealing logo ever? He should’ve hired someone to think something up instead of finger painting in between myspace videos.

-Josh from WA

Dear Josh,

The James Stewart Entertainment project is something that James and his dad/agent/buddies put together. I don’t know what the point of it is but, from what I gather, they intend to form small bands featuring James as lead singer and put out a bunch of Rick James lip-synching videos. It is certainly a bold move for the champion. Regarding his logo, I have to agree with you. My dog has made more impressive designs scooting around my floor on his butt. That doesn’t say much for the JSE logo but it really doesn’t say much for my living room carpet.



This last weekend I rented a few movies at my local movie store. One that I picked out was "Forgetting Sarah Marshall,"  A funny show about a guy following a girl around. But anyway here is my question… There is a guy in the move named Russell Brand.  Do you think he might be related to the beloved supercross and motocross star David Vuillemin? 

  • David Vuillemin in drag
Check out the movie and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Puyallup, WA

Dear Ryan,

I’ve seen the movie. It was a little foul but pretty funny along the way. I didn’t put it together during the show but after I got your letter I pulled up some photos of him and, wow, the resemblance is scary. I don’t know if DV12 knows he has a twin stumbling around London somewhere but I wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. Well, except for the eye makeup, scarf, and borderline transgender clothes that Mr. Brand wears. And of course the massive bouffant hair-do separates the two, though Vuillemin might actually trade him hairlines. Still, I’ll bet he can’t goon ride like DV.


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