News From Vengeance Clothing

Baltimore, MD – Vengeance Clothing Limited, a leading clothing company for action sports today launches it 2008-09 sponsorship program at our Loop’d Network page for amateur action sports athletes to coincide with the official start of the 2008-09 action sports “sponsorship season”.  The program will be open to Skate, Snow, Surf, Moto, ATV, Paintball, Wake, Ski and BMX athletes and Vengeance plans to offer up as many sponsorships as there are qualified athletes this season. 

Details of the 2008-09 program includes the continuation of our Mafia family, as well as seeking athletes for our newly formed Flow team.  The more footage you can send us, the better your chances are.  Our discounts range from 25% to 55% off depending on the sponsorship level.  As always, we do offer our athletes free stickers. 

For More information and to get started, interested athletes should visit Vengeance Clothing Ltd’s Loop’d site or visit to sign up for free!  Then click on “search companies” to preview the Vengeance 2008-09 program.    

About Vengeance Clothing Limited

Vengeance Clothing Limited is one of the fastest growing new clothing companies today.  With our action sports roots and athletes, the Vengeance name has spread quickly and all over the US.  Our continuous dedication to personal service and communication has helped build Vengeance a reputation as a “people’s company.”  We have a dedication to continuously improve our designs, our ideas and our brand.  Our motto is “This Fire Burns Inside,” because it reflects our passion and our people’s passion for the Vengeance brand.  Through our innovative logo and designs, out shirts and products have helped us become a popular name and leave people wanting more.  Vengeance is always looking for ways to take it to the next level.      

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