Bench Racing Ammo: Free Agents

October 23, 2008 1:59pm
  • Former World SX champion Heath Voss is available
  • Want number 11 on your team? Call Travis Preston!
It’s no secret that our economy is hurting right now. You can’t visit a news website, turn on the television or pick up a newspaper without reading and hearing about the price of something going up or a certain company cutting down its payroll with layoffs. It’s no mystery that all of this financial turmoil is impacting our sport, too, be it with both riders and industry personnel.

As the 2009 seasons inches closer by the day, there are still a large amount of very fast and very talented racers who have yet to sign a deal. But who are they? That was a question posed to us by Fuel Clothing’s Shane Gould, who is looking to expand his support next season but didn’t know where to begin.

With that in mind, we decided to compile a list of some of the top free agents (and their 2008 results) to the best of our knowledge for today’s installment of Motosport Outlet Bench Racing Ammo. Hopefully a team manager or owner might see this list and say, “Hey, let’s give that guy a call!”

11 – Travis Preston [Ed. note: We just got an email that said Preston is signed. Stay tuned...]
2008 SX: 13th overall (Best finish: 6th at Indianapolis/Detroit)

13 - Heath Voss
2008 SX: 12th overall (Best finish: 6th at Daytona)

25 – Nathan Ramsey
2008 SX: 7th overall (Best finish: 4th at St. Louis)

27 – Nick Wey
2008 SX: 9th overall (Best finish: 6th at Toronto/Las Vegas)

32 – Sean Hamblin
2008 MX: 9th overall (Best finish: 5th at Southwick)

37 – Antonio Balbi
2008 SX: 19th overall (Best finish: 5th at Daytona)
2008 MX: 12th overall (Best finish: 5th at Unadilla)

44 – Andrew McFarlane  (Ed note: We just got confirmation McFarlane is racing in Australia.)
2008 SX: 23rd overall West Lites (Best finish: 8th at Anaheim 1)
2008 MX: 15th overall Lites (Best finish: 6th at Red Bud)

62 – Sean Collier
2008 MX: 18th overall (Best finish: 8th at Thunder Valley)

63 – Chris Blose
2008 MX: 20th overall (Best finish: 14ht at Washougal)

64 – Jeff Gibson
2008 SX: 13th overall (Best finish: 13th at Houston/Seattle)

68 – Michael Blose
2008 MX: 26th overall (Best finish: 12th at Red Bud)

70 – Michael Willard
2008 SX: 17th overall West Lites (Best finish: 9th at Seattle)
2008 MX: 33rd overall (Best finish: 16th at Budds Creek)

73 – Gavin Gracyk
2008 SX: 12th overall West Lites (Best finish: 6th at San Francisco)
2008 MX: 29th overall (Best finish: 11th at High Point)

74 – Branden Jesseman
2008 SX: 4th overall East Region Lites (Best finish: 2nd at St. Louis)

76 – Kevin Rookstool
2008 MX: 30th overall (Best finish: 17th at Red Bud/Budds Creek)

78 – Billy Laninovich
2008 SX: 13th overall West Lites (Best finish: 4th at Anaheim III)
2008 MX: 31st overall (Best finish: 10th at Washougal)

80 – Tyler Bright
2008 SX: 36th overall (Best finish: 16th at Minneapolis)
2008 MX: 46th overall (Best finish: 18th at High Point)

85 – Sean Borkenhagen
2008 MX: 30th overall Lites (Best finish: 21st at Southwick)

96 – Tyler Wharton (rookie)
2008 MX: 47th overall (Best finish: 15th at Millville)

911 - Tyler Bowers
2008 SX: 6th overall East Lites (Best finish: 5th)
2008 MX: 34th overall Lites (Best finish: 21st at Glen Helen)

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