BBR Introduces Next Generation V3 Perimeter Frame

Seattle, WA -  Developed for the BBR/Monster Energy race team, the new V3 Perimeter frame kit has been re-designed from the ground up.  Using computer modeling and on-track testing, the engineers at BBR have found a way to improve the handling characteristics, enlarge the cockpit and reduce weight on this new frame.  In addition, they have designed the V3 frame platform to accept both CRF 50 and KLX 110 motors.  The bolt-on motor mounts are interchangeable allowing either motor to be used with this new frame. 

      • New geometry with larger cockpit and improved handling
      • Narrowed perimeter tubes for optimized rigidity
      • Frame can use KLX 110 or CRF50 motor with change of motor mounts
      • New carved "BBR" logo in side spars
      • Complete with BBR’s new D2 Exhaust System
      • Lighter overall weight

The V3 Perimeter Frame has already won championships at MiniMoto SX and MiniMX Summer Grand National in 2008.  The V3 is a revolutionary design with the results to back it up.  BBR is building a limited early release of the V3 right now.  If you are interested in the early release frames call today (888) 668-6227 or (253) 631-8233 or email  For more information on the V3 Perimeter Frame and other breaking news visit

V3 Perimeter Frame with Adjustable SuperComp Swingarm (KLX Version)

V3 Perimeter Mid-Size Pro with Adjustable SuperComp Swingarm (CRF50 Version)