Your Collection

October 20, 2008 12:05pm
This week's collection comes from Tim Sullivan:

  • Here is picture of me in Germany 1974, I am 22 years old.
Here is a picture of a 1973 380 CZ from my collection getting exercised this past weekend. Briefly, I have over 40 CZs in various stages for restoration. I have two primo restored 1975 Bultacos (250 and a 360), one signed by my friend Jim, a brand new 1974 Greeves Griffon that has never been ridden, and many more.

Well as you so obviously know or perhaps do not know, I dug out two twin-pipe CZs with my son Rory’s help (Rory Sullivan/secon in E3 Club at the 2008 ISDE in Greece), but they needed to much work to get ready for Vintage Racing at Woodland, so I enlisted Sean’s help (Sean Sullivan/Silver medalist at the 2008 ISDE in Greece) and we lowered the Blue Tank CZ (my vintage bike collection is stored every where in my shop). After cleaning the carb and gas tank it easily started.

It started on about fourth or fifth kick, and when it started I was way surprised. Damn it is a 380, yikes! Guess what? When I purchased the bike from Rik Ballet in Belgium I paid no attention to the cc displacement. It was a very clean and a very nicely done motorcycle. The last time I rode a 380 was in Germany in 1973 (or was it 1974?) It spit me off the back when the throttle stuck. The handlebars (CZ thick ones) bent on my chest and I was driven into the ground. Had weeks of misery.

So it is off to Woodland, 380 in the trailer and a bit of fear in the heart. Why? Because when I was servicing the Blue Tank CZ, the carb slide was a bit sticky in the carb throat.

1st moto (50 intermediate) and I get a fourth place start. the experts are in front of me and I am either first or second intermediate. I hold my position and on the last lap, the throttle sticks! Damn, there is rider knocking on my door and the throttle is sticking! Honestly, I am not sure what the problem is as I have no time to analyze, but I persevered by pulling the clutch in and both brakes on and that rider behind me is not gong to pass me.

Got back to the trailer and Clay and another rider from Seattle was there. I am wired with adrenaline and more adrenaline and I am talking a mile a minute. Yeah, you know... 

So I catch my breath and drink some wate then I dig into the carb on the Blue Tank CZ. Guess what? The carb (Jikov Carburetor) slide is made of aluminum and when the motor gets hot the slide swells and sticks. So I find some emery cloth and begin to do some on-site engineering to correct the problem. Make the slide smaller in diameter. Damn, it worked!

So I ended up winning the next moto (Vintage Open) against (as Clay said) some pretty good riders of all classes to include expert riders.

At the end of the day I get second in the 50 Intermediate and I did not ride the second Open Vintage because I was tired and did not need to make an error as this was the first time I had swung a leg over a Vintage bike since 1975.
Did I have fun? Yes, I did! The old bike forced me to ride with in my game, a good thing. 

You want to ride a 380 CZ on Sunday? Come on by. It is a ill-handling monster that kicks, bottoms the suspension, does not turn, surges and most definitely does not want you on board. But it sure is exciting! 

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