Regal and Dominate TX

Kyle Regal dominates the Shock Sox Buffalo Creek $10,000 Easy Money Texas Pro-Am winning both 450 Pro motos, and taking home the Wyman Priddy Father of Texas motocross award.  Regal's performance was outstanding, besting a talented field of Tyler Wharton, Sean Hackley, Nathan Whitlow, Tevin Tapia, Charley Bogard, Chaz Holladay, Aaron Smith and many others.  "The Shock Sox Buffalo Creek $10,000 is a little's not really Easy Money, as the Pros ran 30+1, and Buffalo Creek MX Park has some very challenging sand sections..... Kyle Regal was unstoppable, and a lot of money was put into the Pros pockets"..... stated Shock Sox owner Shand Garcia.

The Wharton Brothers vs. Five8 mx Live  LAP 'em CHALLENGE was won by the superior athletes of, electing to sit out of the race Blake Wharton was replaced by local Texas expert Chaz Holladay.  The Wharton team of Tyler and Chaz were no match for the out of shape, gut ridden & bald vet riders.  The Dresses sure looked good on them boys!  

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