AMA announces new promoters of the AMA Western National Hare Scrambles Series

Washington, UT - The newly formed  Off-road Sports Group announced today that they have reached and agreement to take over the administration of the AMA Western National Hare Scrambles Series in 2009-13.  Off-Road Sports director- Sean Reddish reported today that Off-road Sports has officially become the new promotions group of this historical rich series.

“I am very pleased to be partnering with the AMA to promote and run this great series out west.  First, was the announcement that WORCS will go AMA in 2009, then this. I couldn’t be more excited for what this means to west coast racing as a whole.  WORCS will partner with the Western National Hare Scrambles series on 3-4 marque events in 2009 and the group ORS group will run 4 stand alone hare scrambles events to complete the seven round series.  This is just another way that the two companies can add continuity and prestige to each other.  WORCS can bring national television coverage and premier factory contingencies from all major brands and the HS series can add its great stable of racers to the WORCS field on the co-sanctioned events. The number one issue here is the hare scramble customer. They will enjoy consistency of product at each round and an increased manufacture support as well. The clubs have done a great job over the years but each club is different and every aspect of the event is different from event to event. We will unify scoring, track layout, race times and just give 110% to make each customer happy”  Sean Reddish- Off-Road Sports.

 "Off-road racing is a unique area of motorcycle competition where both the country's top athletes and recreational amateur racers frequently compete in their respective classes at the same events," said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. "Thousands of our members are die-hard off-road racing enthusiasts, and the AMA remains steadfastly committed to this form of competition on all levels. As one of the premier series for off-road racers in this country, WORCS represents an excellent additional partner for the Association as we continue to grow and improve this area of competition."

The AMA Western National Hare Scrambles series will run a full 7 round national series.  Four of the seven races will be hare scrambles style only while the remaining 3 will be WORCS style co-sanctioned with the 2009 Rocky Mountain WORCS series.  In 2009, the AMA will reward the Western National Hare Scrambles #1 plate to the AA and all A classes as well. There will be not shoot out in the middle for 2009.  The HS website is being finished as of this release however basic info can be learned from  www.westernharescrambles. com

About Off-road Sports:  Off-Road Sports is a newly formed group headed by Sean Reddish of  the World Off-Road Championship Series and assisted by Bret Craig out of Durango, Colorado. Off-road Sports is based out of Washington, UT and will be the sole promoting group of the 2009 AMA Western National Hare Scrambles Series.