"The Next Generation 3" DVD Release

The Next Generation series takes a look at the up-and-coming motocross kids, but in a very different all-action way than previous motocross movies.
The Next Generation 3 gives a cool insight into amateur motocross riders across the globe - young racers who will soon be tomorrow's heroes.
After a long, hard 12 months of filming, TNG 3 is back for it's third successive year. TNG 3 goes across the pond for the Spring nationals in Texas & then onto the fabulous World Mini Grand Prix in Las Vegas, Nevada.
There's also action from the Elite Youth Cup series in England & the deep sand of Heerde for the World Junior Cup. And it shows why Lorretta Lynn's in the USA is the most prestigious amateur motocross event in the world.
Release Date - November 13th 2008
RRP - £21.95
To view the trailer and pre-order your copy online, visit www.tngmx.com