Enduro Illustrated Photo-Annual Magazine

October 10, 2008 11:18am | by:
Enduro illustrated is an exciting new, high-quality, glossy photo-annual magazine that visually celebrates the 2008 World Enduro Championship

Featuring images captured exclusively by leading off-road motorcycle photographer Jonty Edmunds, each of the 116 heavyweight pages showcase a mass of interesting, entertaining and thought provoking images. Enduro illustrated also features in depth editorial analysis (written in English), covering all aspects of the ’08 WEC series. Enduro illustrated will be the definitive ‘08 WEC season review annual - a must for all enduro fans

Designed to excite and interest enduro fans both old and new, Enduro illustrated not only captures the action and passion of what has been one of the most exciting WEC series in recent years, but also includes coverage of the 83rd ISDE from Greece. The magazine’s content and design reflect the dynamic, exciting and professional nature of the World Enduro Championship and bring together photography, graphic design and written words gracefully, honestly and stylishly

Enduro illustrated will be produced annually with issue #1 a visual celebration of the ’08 WEC series. Each 116-page issue features a high-gloss varnish printed cover on 350-gram paper. All 112 full-colour internal pages are printed on 130-gram paper. It’s big, it’s packed with amazing photography, and it’s a magazine you are going to want to keep

Highlights of Enduro illustrated 2008:

•The Gallery: Images that truly do say a thousand words. A diverse selection of photographs depicting action, emotion and the unexpected
•We Three Kings: In depth look at the three riders that earned the right to call themselves ’08 World Enduro Champions
•In Their Words: pairing images that capture key moments of the ’08 WEC series with words straight from the mouths of the riders featured in them
•Best of ’08: Image lead feature alongside which Enduro illustrated gives its take on who and what got it right during the exciting ’08 WEC season

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