Rev Up: Octoberfest

October 2, 2008 2:20pm | by:

  • Englishtown Raceway has hosted the best of the best for the KROC
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. I think October is one of the most over looked months of the year. While the Supercross and Outdoor nationals are dormant, there is still more going on than almost anytime a year. There are Fall motocross series events all across the country, football is at full song, and The Chase for the Sprint Cup is at fever pitch. Through it all, you can look out the window on your way to the track and admire the leaves changing on the trees, then feel the loamy dirt when you unload from the light rains we’re beginning to get. You don’t need to worry about drinking 2 gallons of Gatorade and water either, because it’s 60 degrees outside. Never mind the fact that the biggest beer drinking holiday of the year takes place (October fest), which is followed directly by the mother of all party nights – Halloween. October rocks!

October is also our last month to enjoy ourselves before we get inundated with the wacky holiday circus. Thirty one days of Fall freedom to not worry about what you’re going to show up with to put under the tree. That said, in the grand scheme of things, this month is our last chance to enjoy the great outdoors, unless you’re one of those California freaks that only go ride November through February when the rain finally arrives and eradicates the May through September scorched earth policy.

There will be great riding to be enjoyed all across the country this weekend. For starters, the 32nd annual Kawasaki Race of Champions will be taking place at historic Englishtown Raceway. That is always a special event with over $50,000 in factory contingency up for grabs. Folks usually stay at hotels where you can see the skyline of the Big Apple from the window, and Team Green brings out a couple heavies to sign autographs for the crowd. Mickey Kessler knows how to really put on a race. Maybe Justin “Jersey Boy” Barcia will show up and we’ll get a taste of who may be the 2009 rookie of the year? Word on the streets is that kid is laying wood.

  • Spring Creek Is one of the most gorgeous tracks in America
Then over at Spring Creek in Millville, Minnesota the 2008 Viking Clash will take place. Millville is one of those place that is worth driving 6-7 hours to ride and race. It’s on my bucket list for sure. I don’t think anyone can say they have done it all until they’ve taken a 450 through the whoop monster 3rd gear pinned.

Switching gears, and wheels, there is another big race this weekend. As you read this, a beast approaches. Confident, and defiant. It’s the largest race track in the world of it’s kind. It is the home of The Big One. Of course, I’m speaking about Talladega. We need to get the shoulders back because one of our own will give it the thousand yard stare for the first time. That’s right, folks. Ricky Carmichael is moving up. It only took him two years to go from never holding a wheel to strapping himself into a 3500lb, 700Hp, stock car and holding it to the wood in the draft. Friday night, 5pmEST live on SPEED.

Like I said, this month is full of great things. I’m shadow boxing right now thinking about getting the opportunity to participate in what I hope will be one of the most fun things I’ve done all year. High Point is racing this weekend, baby! It’s the penultimate round of the PAMX State Championship Series and they will be having open practice on Saturday. I’ve got the 2009 KX450F test bike shined up and ready to bark at my favorite track in the world. Weather man says it’s going to be sunny and 65. The goal is to throw pan on the uphill triple behind the starting gate.

  • It doesn't get any better than riding High Point in perfect conditions
The US Open is just around the corner, too. And before that we get to finally hear the official word on James Stewart’s new gig at San Manuel. How ‘bout them apples?

The message this week is simple. Go ride. Make sure and catch Carmichael driving the rocket ship #33 KHI Monte Carlo Friday evening and use it to get pumped up for your ride Saturday morning. I’m all over that program. For me, it will be Saturday morning coffee driving up that gorgeous, twisting, road and seeing High Point sticking out from the morning clouds. Wow, I can’t wait for Saturday. Gotta leave it all on the track because Sunday at 1pm I’ll be cooped up in the house alone with the door locked, the shades pulled down on the windows, and wearing out a path in the carpet holding a bottle of JD.

Like I said, a beast approaches.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.